Whatever your angle on travel may be, Millennium Travel is open to meet your requirements.

We can say this confidently because of our knowledge of Malta & Gozo and its product and because of the will to assist that is our culture and service.

In the historical & cultural tradition of Malta - once known as the "Nurse of the Mediterranean" - the friendly and welcoming spirit of the Maltese is the philosophy we embrace.

Our primary interest is to enjoy our work and extend our service to you every possible way, so that each and every tourist or traveller will make a memorable experience of Malta & Gozo.

In this respect, we have set our direction towards quality and simplicity. Our partners on the island are those companies, hotels, guides, chauffeurs who share our own vision. We would like you to share your own vision with us!

Your interest is the platform from which we our service is extended. Today, more than ever, travel has become more than just an annual holiday and the Tour Operator is not just offering a Package Tour but an experience. It may be sophisticated, simple, expensive, budget, sporting, relaxing, cultural, or just a need for some excellent weather in a destination that is easy to reach, safe and where the people can easily communicate with you in English, Italian & their own Maltese, which is a semetic language with a Latin alphabet! German, French and Spanish are also learnt by the younger Maltese and those wishing to have a job in tourism.

Our concern is also with the security of passengers and we assure our Principals that safety and security is never compromised. In addition, Hotels in Malta & Gozo, have long been used to observing EU recommendations & regulations, as these have been a necessary condition for many international Tour Operators working with Malta. The same applies for transport.

Malta is a member of the European Union and has harmonized its laws and regulations to meet with the standards of other EU countries.

The islands of Malta and Gozo are a wonderful meeting of old and new, European culture and Mediterranean character. Your clients will be pleased that you are including Malta in your programme!

Air Malta remains the main airline offering the most extensive choice of air services to get to Malta. Currently Air Malta has a fleet of 12 aircraft. These include 7 Airbus A320 and 5 Airbus A319.

Besides Airmalta, several low-cost airlines and other legacy airlines operate to and from Malta, amongst them Lufthansa, Alitalia, British Airways, Ryanair, Easyjet, Clickair, Germania and Nordair.

The Malta Tourism Authority advances the economic and social activity of tourism in the national interest, by working with all stakeholders to develop a sustainable industry for current and future generations.

Through out the year cultural events are held and entertainment is always on the increase.

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