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Come June, life in Malta takes a clear turn – away from humdrum life, to the beat of the sea.  Nothing can stop the wave of Summer. 

All around the shine and shimmer of the sea beckons.  The soft sandy beaches are covered with umbrellas and sunbeds.  The pedalos and sailing dinghies, the jet-skies and speed-boats are launched and Summer HERE WE COME.

As you look out to sea from a luxurious hotel room balcony, or set your gaze ahead from an open-air sea-side cafe’, you follow the route of the motor sailing boats setting off on their daily cruise from Sliema to the island of Comino. 

This is what Kenneth Zammit Tabona, noted writer, has to say about Comino..

Walking down from near the tower to the Blue Lagoon through the fields and the stony pathways by the side of Taht il-Mazz at times makes you feel as if you are in some mythological setting and that, with a bit of effort of the imagination, a radiantly handsome Poseidon will emerge from the sapphire blue depths accompanied by his tritons blowing conches, nereids wearing coral, mermaids in golden fishtails and long-haired sea nymphs with dolphins gamboling to the upbeat of the god's trident. It is that magical.

It’s that magical!  Perhaps that best describes the mood around Malta, Gozo and Comino in the hot summer season.

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The evenings pour over into the night and the music plays, young people fill the streets, relaxed tourists browse the shops and sip cocktails, local families take their BBQ to the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze.  Visitors often remark about seeing so many families about, even during late evening.  But it is the custom here in Malta to congregate and enjoy the freedom as much as possible.

Sometimes, its time to set everything aside, step onto the next flight out and land in Malta!  Away with umbrellas, on with the flip flops!

International hotels in Malta and Gozo, today offer a competitive and ample choice of entertainment, quality, product and opportunity.  You are spoilt for choice and pampered by the staff.  Facilities afford every opportunity for relaxation, dining and well-being. 

Cruise Liners line Pinto Wharf in Valletta.  As they descend from the ship, to be greeted by their guide for the day-tour, people take a glance at the Waterfront with 300 years old warehouses lining the opposite side, now modernised and converted into restaurants and bars, open all day and evening, 7 days a week.  At the end of their tour, they will make a stop at the shopping arcade and definately be pleased to make a purchase of jewellery or other crafts found there.

Students from many European and Asian countries come to Malta to learn English in the sun.  Having been a British colony for 200 years, and having a British educational system, the Maltese speak both English and Maltese.  Many students have become used to the hospitality of the Maltese host families, whilst other opt for a residence accommodation or hotel.

In October, the families return to their normal routines but for the many tourists visiting the Maltese Islands, the Autumn and Spring are popular with Groups, Conference and Incentive Travel and Culture Tours.   Walking tours and Sports tours also feature very much.

The blue Mediterranean sea continues to impress in Winter.  Sometimes the wild storms blast the rocky coast and the Grigal wind blows in fury.  But apart from those few occasional outbursts, the Winter sun on your back is one of the most wonderful feelings you can have.

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