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Possibly the embryo and sanctuary of the Maltese Islands, Gozo has survived plague, invasions, earthquakes, mass immigration, earthquakes & history.

Soft golden stone and a greener landscape invite relaxation. The farmhouses are built organically into the hills and have the colour of centuries old stone.

As though to remind us all that Gozo has history to tell and strength in its people, the Ggantija megalithic temples (3600 – 3200 B.C.) in Xaghra remain intact and are one of the best archaeological sites to be found.

But the Gozitans are not a people to stand still. You will find them across the globe, having made a name for themselves in the lands of the USA and Australia. Never able to forget their beautiful island and family, many returned and built new houses to reap some of their hard work. Many of these houses are adorned with American and Australian flags or are named after the city where their owners’ prospered before coming back. Many younger generation Australians and Canadians vist Gozo to find their roots and extended family.

Time moves on and today Gozo must provide work and keep its economy growing on more than farming and fishing. The tourism industry does well offering “soft tourism” occasionally spursed with an intrusive influx of people for special events or for the annual Santa Maria feast which draws the Maltese people for their Summer break.

In particular, Gozo is known as a Diver’s Paradise. With many dive sites, all easily accessible, year round diving and multi-lingual certified diving instructors, Gozo really can contribute to the diving scene and assure divers of an amazing sight.

But underlying the activity and buzz in Gozo, is a quiet calm. Silent village streets, sleeping dogs lying across the road, church bells tolling the day’s routine from early morning till after sunset, fresh bread and cheese, the local catch and the coming and going of the Gozo ferry.

All in all, a fine day in Gozo.

Its people combine the old and the new, the past and the present. They want to make Gozo a place for them to stay and raise their families but they also want to protect its beauty and environment. Sometimes the two clash but the Gozitans guard their island today as fiercely as they did when invaders came and took their people away as slaves.

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